Is it ever to late……

Is it ever to late to say sorry for not saying what or how you feel, Sooner than later?

Or when and if you know who you are as person and make clear that you can’t really make others happy.

Standing your ground on who you are and who you do things doesn’t always mean your going to be an asshole or inconsiderate to others. But your not going to be walked on or made to be a push over by no one. EVER!!

Your Age is not some unknown life timer when it comes to your dreams, goals, or talent.

Your self worth is solely measured by your own personal self-esteem and confidence. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

If you need to take a step away from the general public i.e. Friends, Family, ect. Do so for as long as needed. But be sure when ready to come back that you took actual time to genuinely heal and clear yourself of any negative entities or issues.

As you know it could always be worst and until you really have found a realistic reason to stop and give up on yourself only then can you say “I’m done with everyone and everything”……,but we all know even in out darkest parts of life we still have reason to keep going.

We are better than that.

It’s not to late to put yourself first.

It’s not to late to make one last push pass everything you can’t fix or make better on your own anyway.

It’s not to late to prove yourself wrong. (Fuck everyone else, really fuck them)!!

You only die once, you live every day.

Take time to power down your smart phone, iPad, or Computer and actually write shit down. You’d be surprise what the end result.

Analyze it, research it, and look at the pros and cons for the past 52 weeks or 12 months.

If you noticed you didn’t make or surpass a goal set by you in the most realistic humanly fashion.

Then keep trying, keep pushing, don’t give up yourself even when other already have.

So I guess it’s not to late to say sorry for knowing who you are or what you stand for in your life.

One last thing…….be extremely careful who you ask advice from.

Asking someone from whom you don’t even know has been the best way for me to get a grasp on my personal setbacks.